Wanja Michuki

Certified Coach, Writer & Speaker,


Wanja Michuki is a Systemic Family Business Team Coach and a Private Wealth Management Consultant. I draw on my personal experience and understanding of the complexities of family dynamics that make Family Businesses uniquely challenging environments for family members. My training as a Systemic Team Coach and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) place me and my associate coaches in a position to separately and collectively coach G1 and G2 to develop family teams based on trust, accountability, commitment, open communication, results, and LOVE. We incorporate Financial, Corporate Governance and HR Advisory to set the stage for positive Succession Planning.

I also work with Executives and non-Family Organisations to develop value-based purpose and action towards a ‘Big Agenda’ in companies and in the lives of individuals.

I enjoy writing and speaking about ancestral knowledge and spirituality and am a transformational speaker.