Sujay Tyle

CEO and Co-Founder, Frontier Car Group (FCG)


Sujay is the CEO and Co-Founder of Frontier Car Group (FCG), a Berlin-based, emerging markets-focused automotive marketplace. Amongst its many assets, FCG launched and runs in Nigeria – the largest online automotive marketplace in the country. FCG has raised $175M+ from Naspers, Balderton, and TPG Growth.

Prior, Sujay was a partner at Kingsway Capital, a London-based emerging-markets focused fund. Sujay was on the founding team of (a talent marketplace) as its COO, which now operates in Australia, Europe, and the US. Before Hired, Sujay entered Harvard at age 15, before leaving with a Thiel Fellowship. Sujay was named one of Forbes’ 30 under and one of Goldman Sachs’ top 100 intriguing entrepreneurs.