Segeni Ng’ethe

Ambassador, BRCK Limited


I am an Ambassador for BRCK Limited, a business whose mission is to provide Free Wifi across Kenya first and East Africa next. BRCK offers free wifi at public spaces such as restaurants, small kiosks, barber shops, government service centers, public vehicles (matatus) and at public buildings. In addition to free Wifi, the BRCK service allows content creators to cache content on the BRCK device to make it easy for people to access content.

Prior to becoming an Ambassador for BRCK, I founded one of Kenya’s first e-commerce businesses, ‘MamaMikes Online’, a business I ran for close to 15 years. MamaMikes offers the Kenyan Diaspora a platform to buy gifts and groceries for their family and friends back home.

MamaMikes became famous for pioneering the e-Mbuzi (‘e-goat’) the online order and delivery of goats over Christmas time and other holidays celebrated in Kenya. MamaMikes philosophy is ‘Share Love. Spread Happiness’

My areas of expertise can be summed up as: business management, marketing, sales, project management, entrepreneurship, finance and accounting – and when it matters: organizing people to do fun things.

I am a TED Fellow, and a Reuters Digital Vision Fellow from Stanford University. I am a graduate of Georgetown University in Washington DC.