Rt. Hon. Jeffrey Donaldson

Trade Envoy to Egypt, Member of Parliament

United Kingdom

Jeffrey Donaldson’s political career began in 1985 when he was first elected to the Northern Ireland Assembly aged 22 – the youngest person to win a seat in the Assembly. He was later elected to the UK Parliament on 1 May 1997 to represent the Northern Ireland constituency of Lagan Valley and was re-elected on 7 May 2015 for a fifth term.

Jeffrey was a key member of the Ulster Unionist Party negotiating team in the talks which led to the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement in April 1998. He subsequently joined the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) in January 2004.

In February 2008, Jeffrey was appointed to a Ministerial position in the Northern Ireland Government, which included responsibility for relations with the EU. He stepped down from the Northern Ireland Assembly following the 2010 General Election.

He currently holds a senior position in the Democratic Unionist Party in the UK Parliament and is also a member of the UK Delegation to the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly and the British Irish Parliamentary Assembly. He has a long-standing interest in Egypt and has visited several times. For further information please see www.jeffreydonaldson.org.

In 2015, Jeffrey was appointed by the Prime Minister to be the UK Trade Envoy to Egypt. The role of Trade Envoys is to work with governments and business in the UK and in high priority markets overseas to strengthen trade.