Paul Hinks

Founder and CEO, Symbion Power


Paul Hinks is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Symbion Power, LLC, as well as the Chairman of Invest Africa, US.  As the driving force behind Symbion, he has spent his life in the power industry where he has been responsible for the construction of power plants, transmission lines and substations.  His career spans 30 years and in that period, he has worked in the USA, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

In 2010, Symbion Power was awarded two large U.S. government-funded contracts building distribution lines and substations throughout Tanzania.  The following year, Mr. Hinks successfully negotiated Symbion’s acquisition of a 120MW power plant in Dar es Salaam, thereby concluding Symbion’s first power asset acquisition.  Today, the company is one of the United States’ largest owners of power assets in Africa with new investments in Rwanda, Kenya and Madagascar.

Prior to bringing Symbion to Africa, under Mr. Hinks’ leadership during 2005-2008, Symbion won nine contracts across Iraq, erecting hundreds of kilometers of 400kV and 132kV transmission and distribution lines and completing twelve substations.  In 2007, Mr. Hinks expanded Symbion’s operations into Afghanistan where Symbion won a bid to build a 100MW power plant in Kabul.

Prior to joining Invest Africa, Paul spent four years as the Chairman of the Corporate Council on Africa.

Symbion Power is a US Independent Power Producer based in New York City that delivers, owns and operates electricity infrastructure in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.  With a deep commitment to empowering local communities we bring together the knowledge and operational know-how to succeed in the world’s most challenging construction environments.