Ossama Al Sharif

Managing Director, Sonker Bunkering Company S.A.E


Captain Ossama Al Sharif has significant experience in developing and operating an integrated maritime and logistics enterprises in Egypt over the past decade.

In 1992, Captain Ossama teamed up with the global shipping line of American President Lines Company (APL), amongst the world’s leading global logistics and container transportation companies, and established a strong local presence in both Jordan and Egypt. In 1997, he created ISTCO (International Shipping and Transport Company) to act as an exclusive agent for APL.

In 1997, he developed the first private container handling company in Egypt, transforming a military port – Adabyia Port – into a commercial port on the Red Sea.

In 1999, Captain Ossama founded Amiral Holdings Limited, together with the Sokhna Port Development Company, which was granted a concession, by the Egyptian government, to develop and manage Sokhna Port. Since beginning full time maritime operations in 2002, Sokhna Port has continued to maintain strong economic growth and it is now considered to be Egypt’s prime Public-Private business enterprise.

Captain Ossama has many years’ experience in developing business through complex strategy implementation. His visionary approach is based on his ability to see opportunities and create firm foundations for tangible growth. Growth is maximised through sound business practices and fully integrated operations. He is a pioneer in his efforts to encourage the opportunities for foreign investors in Egypt and by 2005, Sokhna Port succeeded in attracting over US$1 billion of foreign investment to the port. Captain Ossama’s aim in attracting investment is to ensure sustainable development in the port area, create jobs and build a solid industry base, which will, in turn, contribute towards Egypt’s economic expansion.