Mohamed Farid Saleh

Chairman, The Egyptian Exchange and The Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges


Prior to his appointment as the Executive Chairman of the Stock Exchange, Mr. Farid served as the Chairman and the CEO of Dcode EFC, a leading economic forecasting and advisory firm in Egypt. Furthermore, between 2013 & 2016, Mr. Farid was an external consultant on Venture Capital and Financial Leasing for the World Bank Group in Egypt, and was a member of the Capital Market Advisory Committee established by the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority [EFSA]. Additionally, he was the Vice Chairman of the Egyptian Exchange in 2010-2011.

Prior to his appointment as EGX Vice Chairman, he served as a Senior Financial Economist and Head of Capital Markets Unit at the Ministry of Investment, whereby he participated in the formulation and implementation of the two phases of the Non-Banking Financial Sector Reform Plans adopted by the Egyptian Government. During his tenure as EGX Vice chairman, Mr. Farid was responsible for developing a detailed plan for the establishment of derivatives market, as well as the preparation of the legislative rules governing the market.

Mr. Farid holds a BSc in Foreign Trade and Economics from Helwan University. He also holds an MBA from the Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport (ASST), an MSc in Economics, Finance & Investment from York University, United Kingdom, an MSc in Quantitative Finance from CASS Business School in the United Kingdom and a certificate in Venture Capital form UC Berkley, the United States of America. He also served as a part time lecturer on Financial Markets, International Finance, Financial Derivatives at the American University in Egypt (AUC) and at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (ASST).