J.X Paulin


CEO, My Simax


J.X. PAULIN is a French-Togolese entrepreneur who moved to China in 1994 and has since then grown and led a number of successful businesses in China.

J.X. is now the chairman of SIMAX Enterprises Inc., a group of companies with interests in China and Africa, in real estate, construction and technology.

Their latest venture, MySIMAX, is creating the first social media specifically catering to African students and incentivising knowledge.

J.X. is also a member of Harvard Executive Education program and co-founder of the business forum ChinAfrica Rendez-vous.

Nominated as one of the most Influent Africans of 2014 by New African and featured in numerous publications, J.X. Paulin has an impressive network in China and Africa and is an expert in cross-border business between these two giants.