Isao Sekiguchi

Chairman and Managing Director, Nissan North Africa


Isao Sekiguchi has served as Chairman and Managing Director for Nissan’s North Africa Operations (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Sudan, and Egypt) since March 2015.

For Egypt, Nissan produces 3 models (N17, B17, and D22) as CKD with annual production capacity of 30K units and employ over 1,000 employees (NSC and Plant combined).

For the rest of five North African Countries, Nissan works with local partners that run National Sales Company (NSC) and dealers.

Isao spent over 20 years outside of home country (Japan): lived in USA for 10 years, in Germany for 3 years, in Slovakia for 4 years, and in Egypt for almost 3 years. He worked with Automotive Division of Sumitomo Corporation (one of major five Japanese Investment & Trading Houses) for almost 20 years before moving to Nissan to take an assignment in Egypt early 2015.

During Sumitomo, he managed building production facilities in countries such as India, Pakistan, and China for Suzuki, Toyota, Dong Feng, Bajaj Auto, etc. Also he managed Toyota, Lexus, and Ford businesses mainly in Europe and USA. He managed Ford NSC, Dealer, and Finance companies as Managing Director in Slovakia between 2010-2013.

He holds Bachelor of Science degree in International Relations from University of Tsukuba, Japan.

He also holds Master of Business Administration from the Darden School, University of Virginia.

He is married with one daughter.