Isabel dos Santos

Chairwoman, UNITEL


Isabel dos Santos is an Angolan businesswoman and entrepreneur. She holds a Degree in Engineering Science and Management from the University of London (King’s College). Previously, she attended St. Paul’s Girls School in London, a top academic private school studying A-levels in Mathematics, Further Mathematics Physics and Languages. Isabel speaks six languages fluently: Russian, Portuguese, English, French, Spanish and Italian.

During the 1990s, upon completing her university degree, Isabel dos Santos worked in Europe for Cooppers & Lybrand, a leading consulting & financial advisory firm (currently PwC). Following her return to Angola Isabel dos Santos worked as an engineer and project manager in recycling projects, for a company part of the Jembas group. In 1995 she started her own business by creating a F&B company, and a beverage distribution and logistics company.
She is a the Chairman of UNITEL, one of Angola’s two mobile phone networks, where she started working in 1998 as an engineer and project manager.

Since 2005 she has had relevant interests in telecommunications, media, retail, finance and the energy industry, both in Angola and in Portugal. She is also member of the board of Angola’s Banco BIC and majority shareholder in BFA.

In Portugal, she was a former member of the Board of Directors of NOS, a listed telecom & cable TV company. With more than 15 years experience in business and senior management, currently, Isabel dos Santos has been appointed chairwoman of Angola’s national oil company Sonangol.