Hani El Nokraschy

CEO and founder, Nokraschy Engineering GmbH


After BSc graduating as mechanical engineer from the Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering, he continued his studies in Germany at the Technical University of Darmstadt where he achieved his Dr.-Ing.

In 1968 He worked as head of the research department for vibrating machines at SCHENCK in Darmstadt/Germany, then as head of design and R&D at MOGENSEN in Wedel/Germany.

In 2003 he founded his own consultancy services, NOKRASCHY ENGINEERING GmbH, where he discovered the attractiveness of renewable energies, especially for his birth country Egypt which is blessed by excellent sun and wind conditions. dHe participated as a team member at the studies of the German AeroSpace Center DLR, carried out in the years 2004 to 2007

In 2009 the Egyptian government asked him to edit a study about the future of electricity production in Egypt. He suggested therein a gradual but definitive shift to renewable energies within this century.

In 2008/2009 he was one of the founders of the DESERTEC foundation. He left all obligations there in Sept. 2014 as he was nominated as a member of the Scientific Advisory Council to the President of Egypt.

Further activities are:

Member of the Advisory Board of REMENA, a Master’s course in renewables in conjunction of both Universities Cairo and Kassel in Germany, where he acts as lecturer and examiner.

Member at the German Association of Scientists VDW.