H.E. Dr. Mohamed Shaker El-Markabi

Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy,


H.E. Dr. Mohamed Shaker assumed his position as minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy in 2014, under the leadership of President Al-Sisi. As a holder of PhD in Electrical Engineering from Imperial College –London University proved success through the massive renovations the Ministry and the entire Electrical and Renewable Energy sector in Egypt. Dr. Markabi has created, managed and implemented more than 1500 projects in the Middle East and Africa over a 40 years period, making him a renowned name in the electrical and renewable engineering field.

Since assuming office we have seen ambitious and rigorous reforms to accelerate the growth of the electrical grid in Egypt, and joining the world in the strides to convert to renewable energy. Although challenges faced were not easy since assuming office, Dr. Markabi faced them with solutions that are considered highly creative and innovative.