H.E. Admiral Mohab Mameesh

Chairman, Suez Canal Economic Zone


H.E. Admiral Mohab Mohamed Hussein Mamesh is the Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority and the Chairman of the Suez Canal Economic Zone. Before heading the authority, Mamish commanded Egypt’s navy.

Mamish graduated from the Egyptian Naval Academy in 1969. He served as an anti-submarine specialist in the 1973 War. He has received training in various countries, including in the UK, the US, the UAE, China, Greece and France.

He has received many medals, including the medal of long and Meritorious Service, of Longevity, of Duty, of the 6th of October, of the Egyptian Navy, of the 20th Anniversary of the July Revolution, of the 25th of April, of October Warriors, of Superior Service, 23 July 50th Anniversary, and the Silver Jubilee of Sinai Liberation.