Eric Monga

Chairman, Kipay Energy

DR Congo

With over thirty years of experience for clients in the economic sector, Eric brings the level of expertise needed for a diverse group of ambitious initiatives. As a native Congolese, Eric is the Provincial Chairman for the Chamber of Commerce in Katanga (FEC Katanga).


In 2001, he founded Trade Service, a fiscal and mining consultancy firm that facilitates trade and clearance, for which he currently serves as Managing Director. In 2012, Eric established Kipay Energy with a firm belief in the important role that energy plays in every aspect of Congolese economic development. Eric serves as Chairman of the independent hydropower producer.


Eric additionally Chairs multiple other associations and is a sought-after Advisor on mining law. He is regularly invited to the Clinton Global Initiative’s Annual Meetings as an expert on issues concerning the DRC. Eric speaks four languages and completed his studies in Economics at the University of Kinshasa.