Charlotte Aubin-Kalaidjian

Founder, Greenwish Energy


An entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in investment banking, Charlotte Kalaidjian is the founding partner and CEO at GreenWish Partners. Until 2009, she served as Managing Director at Morgan Stanley where she developed a portfolio of financial assets in France and Switzerland worth several billion euros. In 2010, she founded GreenWish Partners, an international investment management firm specializing in renewable energy infrastructure.

Today, GreenWish Partners has brought its extensive sector expertise to Sub-Saharan Africa where renewable energy is an economical, rapid and environmentally sustainable solution to the region’s massive electrification deficit and prohibitive cost of power generation. GreenWish is building a renewable energy asset portfolio to help the region reduce its dependence on fossil fuels and improve energy access in Sub-Saharan Africa.

GreenWish has raised $270 million from a consortium of private and public investors, including Caisse des Dépôts du Sénégal and private equity firm Denham Capital. The ambition is to build a diversified portfolio of solar PV, onshore wind and hydro power projects for utility, industrial and telecom operator clients, with a cumulative capacity of 800 megawatts in Sub-Saharan Africa over the next five years.