Aly El Gamil

CEO , Cairo Three A Group


Aly El-Gamil, the CEO of one of the largest agricultural and animal production corporations, Cairo Three A.

A member of Middlesex University alumni, El-Gamil has worked all across the globe, interning in ADM (Chicago, USA), Citi Bank (London, UK), and Arab African Bank (Dubai, UAE). Settling in Egypt, he quickly implemented his procured knowledge in Cairo Three A, setting off a chain reaction of developments in different areas of the business; from HR, to finance, to planning and development, all the way to operations and production.

Knowing that any organization is only as strong as its weakest link, El-Gamil steadfastly focused on the employees’ welfare and interests; protecting their rights and ensuring they are preserved and accounted for became one of his many goals. In addition to that, he acknowledged the fact that communication is key to any company’s success, and he worked on a communication matrix among employees and their representatives, ensuring that every voice could be heard. He made sure that the personnel policies were developed and maintained in accordance with the corporate, industry, and market policies. As a result of this admirable work ethic, the headcount of Cairo Three A witnessed an exponential growth, staring from a mere ten or eleven employees in 2014 – the year El-Gamil joined – to two-hundred-and-fifty employees in 2017, with a steady momentum.

With his eyes and focus on improving the profit margin without compromising the integrity and quality of work in Cairo Three A, El-Gamil was keen on reviewing and revising financial and non-financial reports, with the sole purpose of devising new solutions and improvements to the business, as well as ensuring the adequacy and soundness of the company’s financial structure and reviewing all capital expenditure request and arrangements for additional finance-funds. Additionally, El-Gamil also made sure to document the almost-daily changes in costs of any items of raw materials, components, or labor service charges.

In terms of increasing profitability, credit is due to El-Gamil for establishing the agricultural trading business, developing new markets not just in the Gulf area, but South Africa, Europe, and all the way to Asia. He continually searches for new products to enhance and enrich the business, builds trust-based business relations with key partners and stakeholders, acting as a point of contact for the important shareholders. As for development and production, El-Gamil took the reins in overseeing the entire organizational operation, ensuring its adherence to the direction established in the strategic plan. In 2016, he went onto establishing the first Concentrate Factory in the Middle East and Africa to produce pomegranate concentrate and multi fruit line, Pack House, and Cold Store, as well as expanding the agricultural farm of 2,500 feddans from 800 feddans to 2300 feddans producing a wide variety of fruits.

Reviewing all of the above, one can fairly grant El-Gamil the title of a business tycoon, especially at such a young age. With such a long list of achievements in a mere couple of years, one cannot but anticipate further success in one of Egypt’s richest businesses, if not globally.