Alioune Camara

Founder & Managing Director, Endeleo Consulting

Ivory Coast

After graduating as a lawyer, Alioune practiced in an American law firm in Paris before moving to London to join Bank of America Merrill Lynch as a financial lawyer and where he led several professional networks collaborating closely with the HR department.

Today, Alioune lives in Abidjan where he runs with his team his HR consultancy firm, Endeleo Consulting, which, across West Africa, thrives on helping public as well as private companies unleash their full potential through the force of their human capital.

Endeleo Consulting has indeed transformed companies through its innovative products (which include, inter alia, an innovative HR software, human experience based collective dynamics products, non conventional HR diagnosis, HR strategy definition and implementation) giving them the opportunity to reach levels of performance never experienced before in a way where human relationships are strengthened.