Ahmed Abou Hashima

Founder and CEO, Egyptian Steel, Egyptian Cement & Egyptian Media


Ahmed Abou Hashima is CEO of the Cairo-based Egyptian Steel, which he co-founded in 2010. A self-made global entrepreneur, Mr. Abou Hashima has worked in the steel industry since 1996. After the January 2011, he took a calculated risk and pumped 1 billion-dollar investments into Egyptian Steel, which eventually paid off. By the end of 2017 Egyptian Steel and its subsidiaries will be producing 20-25 percent of Egypt’s steel supply.

Egyptian Steel produces durable, high-quality steel using efficient, innovative techniques and — with an eye toward energy efficiency, long one of Mr. Abou Hashima’s top priorities. Egyptian Steel uses state-of-the-art and eco-friendly technologies, which will enable the group to be the largest green steel producer on a global scale when all four plants are operational.

He has also established a sister company, Egyptian Cement, which will produce 2 million tons/year, in the first step towards realizing his dream of making the group a one-stop shop for building materials.

The group continues its expansion, with Egyptian Media. A media company that he established to venture into several media realms. It started off by acquiring 100% of ONTV channel, 51% of “Presentation Sports” for sports marketing and media, and 50% of Misr Cinema for movie and TV production.