Aboubaker Hadi

Aboubaker Hadi

CEO, Port of Djibouti (DP World)


Aboubaker Omar Hadi serves as General Director of a port in Lagos, Nigeria. Mr. Hadi served as Commercial Director at DP World-Djibouti. He served at Sifax Group. He has 30 years of service at the Port of Djibouti, where he began work in the Marine Department and Port Control and was responsible for port documentation in 1978 and served as Deputy Manager in the statistics department.

He served as General Cargo Manager, Container Terminal Manager and Commercial Director of the port. He played part in enhancing Ethiopia’s use of the port from 15pc to 90pc.

Mr. Hadi has been Chairman of Port of Djibouti since July 2, 2011. He is a positive force for the relationship between Ethiopia and Djibouti. He was one of the first port officials to come to Addis Abeba in the early 1990s. He was credited for playing a major role in the years following Ethiopia’s complete shift to the Port of Djibouti after 1998. He was also one of the key figures in Djibouti in the process to develop new oil and container terminals at Douraleh, 13km from the existing port, which consumed half a billion dollars.

He completed his First Degree in Ports and Multimodal Transport from Le Conservatoire Nationale des Arts et M tiers, in France, and Postgraduate Studies in Ports and Shipping Administration from the World Maritime University of Sweden in 1992.