Africanews, launched in 2016 (digital in January, TV in April), stands out as the first pan-African multilingual media source produced simultaneously in French and English, and offering coverage of African and global news from a sub-Saharan perspective.

Today, Africanews TV is available in 38 countries and 11.7 million homes across sub-Saharan Africa thanks to major pay-tv players and national channels (partial broadcast). The Africanews signal covers sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean islands via two satellites: SES 4 and SES 5.

Africanews’ digital platforms, available around the world, highlight the challenges and opportunities of a connected Africa: has a responsive web design suited to all mobile, tablet and computer screens and has the added feature of adapting to the quality of the available connection;
Two YouTube channels (in English and French) and Facebook and Twitter accounts @africanews and @africanewsfr.

Africanews is a 100% Euronews subsidiary. Africanews adheres to the same editorial charter as its European sister channel, Euronews.

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