The Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation is the principal investment institution and supporter of Egypt’s economic relations with other countries. The merger of the Ministry of Investment and the Ministry of International Cooperation was announced in early 2017, with the aim of ensuring the investment and economic efforts of both ministries were being implemented in an efficient and inclusive manner. Since then, The Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation has been working with full force towards enhancing Egypt’s business climate in order to attract investors and fulfill the Egypt’s goal of becoming a strategic and global business hub.

The newly merged Ministry has also embarked on major legislative and institutional reforms which have direct tangible effect on both the level of domestic investment and inflows of foreign direct investment (FDI). Additionally, a newly set priority of the Ministry is to capitalize and build on the importance of Egypt’s role in various fields of investment by reforming the investment climate in Egypt, attracting FDI, improving non-bank financial services and introducing a comprehensive asset management program to state-owned enterprises. The Ministry is also undertaking significant procedures and implementing strict timelines to launch an investment map and submit executive bylaws of the new Investment Law. After a complete investment policy is intact, the Ministry is hoping the strategy will lead to further growth in various investment fields. Lastly, the Ministry also works on creating affiliates to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness in the investment scene, such as GAFI’s launch of The Investors Dispute Settlement Center.

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