Foreign and local media delegates are requested first to register online. Accreditation will be through the State Information Service of Egypt.

Kindly note the following requirements for foreign media:

All foreign media are required to send to the press center by email (email below) (i) a scanned copy of either a letter of guarantee from a bank or from their respective embassies in Cairo, in addition to (ii) a list of their equipment (professional cameras only, tripods, accessories, etc.) including full details about their value, to ensure that their equipment will be re-exported after the Forum.

In order to have the equipment allowed in Egypt, all foreign media shall submit to Egyptian customs upon their arrival (i) an original copy of the letter of guarantee, along with (ii) their list of equipment including full details about their value.

Without the original copy of the letter of guarantee, foreign media shall pay a fee to be calculated by Egyptian customs according to the value of the equipment, in order to be granted the temporary admission of their equipment. These fees shall be refunded once the equipment is re-exported.

All foreign media shall send by email (email below) their flight details (flight number, arrival and departure) to the Press Centre. A representative of the Press Centre will be present at both Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh Airports to receive and facilitate foreign media procedures.