Dr. Nasr: “The political leadership is keen on achieving effective cooperation between African countries through the conference … Egypt emphasizes its African role through hosting the largest investment platform in Africa”.

Heba Salama: “Africa 2017 would be a platform for introducing further investment projects in the Continent”.

Under the auspices of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, MIIC will organize the “Africa 2017” Conference entitled “Business for Africa, Egypt and the World” during the period from 7 to 9 December 2017 in Sharm El-Sheikh, in presence of heads of states, governments and ministries from various African countries as well as representatives of Egypt’s development partners and high-level figures in the business field from Egypt, Africa and worldwide with a view to promote investments for inclusive growth.

Dr. Nasr emphasized that the Egyptian political leadership was keen on achieving effective cooperation between African countries and on achieving sustainable development, which would positively affect the African people’s lives through cooperation in attracting investments. She added that the 2017 conference built on the success of the inaugural Africa 2016 held under the patronage of the President and in his presence, where six African heads of state and more than 1,400 delegates participated, and where over 300 one-to-one meetings took place.

The Minister pointed out that Africa 2017 was a unique platform, bringing together policy makers, financiers, African investors, and the world countries to promote investments in strategic sectors. Egypt was positioned to be a gateway for investors in Africa and the Conference would contribute to supporting and promoting investment between the world and Africa through Egypt.

According to Dr. Nasr, Egypt emphasized its African role through hosting the “Africa 2017” Conference, one of the largest investment platforms in Africa to present the available investment opportunities. This, as stated by the Minister, would contribute to making use of its natural resources and establishing major projects based on such resources, thereby raising standards of living and eliminating the problems of poverty and immigration.

Further, the Minister clarified that the Conference would include the convention of sessions for national projects and available investment opportunities in Egypt as well as the entrepreneurs’ forum and rapid-growth companies in Africa. This is in addition to holding sessions for entrepreneurs to become familiarized with the challenges facing start-ups, including financing, opening new markets, enhancing leadership skills and providing investors with ideas. The Conference will also provide the opportunity to build a partnership between entrepreneurs, companies and participating financial institutions.

Moreover, the Minister mentioned that the Conference would also include several general sessions for discussing vital issues, among of which are private economic zones, cities and urban development, renewable energy, power generation and distribution, long-term investment, reforms of the business environment, cross-border trade and investment among African countries, available investment opportunities in Africa, and success stories of African women working in the field of business and investment.

Several sectors of strategic importance would also be covered, including agriculture, infrastructure, and energy as well as the technology-supporting society.

On her part, Director of COMESA Regional Investment Agency Ms. Heba Salama stated “Egypt, particularly the COMESA area, is still providing the best investment returns worldwide”. “Africa 2017 will be a platform for introducing further investment projects in the Continent,” she added.